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All.Biz, with the Ukrainian roots, is one of the best business information
platform in the world with huge business audience. It counts more
than 3.5 million users and more than 15 million monthly hits, many
language localizations are available. All this allows All.Biz to carry out the
effective advertising campaigns with diverse goals, both in Ukraine and in the world.

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Category: Modern Economy | Views: 960 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2012-02-15

The activities of Club A4 focus at the practical implementation of
Green Office concept. Club members receive free A4 containers
to collect
waste paper and transport them from offices to the recycling plant.

Club A4 is nominated by the Green Awards Ukraine as the Best Project of Green Office 2011.

Category: Modern Economy | Views: 754 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2012-01-10

Posted by Oksana Mykoliuk, The Day Weekly Digest (April 21, 2011)

Category: Modern Economy | Views: 720 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-05-13

Interview by Natalia Bilousova, The Day Weekly Digest (April 21, 2011)

The Ukrainian information technology market is awakening from almost two years of
lethargy caused by the financial crisis. Despite some positive dynamics in 2010, the
market failed to make up for the previous collapse. What is its status in 2011?
How will the cabinet’s bill on preferential taxation in the IT sphere affect it? More on
this in the following interview with Dmytro Shymkiv, director general, Microsoft Ukraine.

Category: Modern Economy | Views: 512 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-05-13

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