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European Association of Ukrainians is the union of Ukrainians in the European
Union with main office in Brussels and representatives in Paris, Strasbourg,
Munik and Berlin. Association has been established in 2006 as the result
of durable work of Ukrainians and representatives of Ukrainian Diasporas in Europe.

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Core mission of the Civil Society program of Mott Foundation is to support

efforts to assist in democratic institution building, strengthen communities,

promote equitable access to resources and ensure respect of rights. The

Civil Society program is organized in four areas including Eastern Europe and Russia.

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Lviv Software Developers Community on LinkedIn.
At the current moment (February 2010), more than 250+ members.

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This is an E-round-table for Virtual Diplomacy. It solely works for
betterment of Diplomatic Governance with the motto of Peace, Governance
and Global Harmony. The principal expectation is Re-Engineering of Diplomatic World.

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Ranking Ukraine's Social Networks by Sarafannoe Radio.
Networks Connect and Profeo occupy the 1st and 2nd places, correspondingly.

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Ukraine-GCC Network
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