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Category: General | Views: 662 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2016-06-30

Freedom in the World, Freedom House’s flagship publication, is the standard setting
comparative assessment of global political rights and civil liberties.

Published annually since 1972, the survey ratings and narrative reports on
195 countries and 14 territories are used by policymakers, the media,
international corporations, civic activists as well as human rights defenders
to monitor trends in democracy, track improvements and setbacks in freedom worldwide. 

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Category: General | Views: 1052 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2012-01-27

Share more with your voters and constituents through Google+ Pages.

By creating a Google+ Page for your public office or campaign, you and
your staff can promote an issue, platform or cause across the web.
You can put +1 button anywhere on the web that you'd like
for people to support your content, as well as you can connect your
Google+ Page to your website and Google search results, via Google Direct Connect.

Posting interesting content, engaging with followers by asking questions,
sharing photos and videos are all ways to keep people coming back for more.

Check it out: See how Senator Bernie Sanders polls his constituents for
ideas or how the French governing party, UMP, and main
opposition party, Parti Socialiste, share their campaign platforms on their Google+ Pages.

Category: General | Views: 612 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-11-21

"Food prices — from crisis to stability” has been chosen as this
year’s World Food Day theme to shed some light on this
trend and what can be done to mitigate its impact on the most vulnerable.

Category: General | Views: 799 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-10-18

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