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China requires talented professionals: lawyers, doctors, engineers,
educators and government officials to succeed. Entrepreneurs
will make an invaluable contribution to the economic future of the country.

Risks are at times great and there are more than enough naysayers, but
with the right industry knowledge, management skills and funding
entrepreneurs will climb over obstacles in their paths making China stronger.

Find information here.

Category: Asia & Australia | Views: 515 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-10-30

It’s the mission of Baidu’s English blog, the Baidu Beat, to induct you into what
Chinese Internet users are looking for online: Who they’re fascinated with,
what they’re fighting about, who’s making them laugh, and what’s making them cry.

Category: Asia & Australia | Views: 669 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-04-06

e-Government Resource Centre provides access to the Victorian
Government, Australia body of knowledge on e-Government,
information and communications technology (ICT), as well as the
government website best practices, with Australian and international examples.

Category: Asia & Australia | Views: 623 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-02-27

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS) is responsible for
affairs related to national administration, government organizations,
personnel management, electronic government and disaster safety. Also,
MOPAS actively supports local governments in terms of local administration,
finance and regional development for the promotion of greater local autonomies.

MOPAS has succeeded in ranking first in both e-Government
Development Index and e-Participation Index of UN Global E-Government Survey 2010.

Category: Asia & Australia | Views: 649 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2011-02-26

Singapore is high technological, wealthy city state in Southern
East Asia, also known for the conservatism of its leaders and strict social controls.

Category: Asia & Australia | Views: 567 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2010-09-18

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