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Envisat captures sand and dust blowing northeast from the Arabian Peninsula across the Persian Gulf toward Iran (visible at image top). This image has acquired on 1 July 2008 by Envisat’s Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (ESA Photo).

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This Envisat image, acquired on 28 October 2011, shows central Saudi Arabia on the arid Arabian Peninsula. The area pictured is on the central plateau, Nejd, which slopes downwards from west to east. The dark circle near the centre of the image is the capital city of Riyadh (ESA Photo).

The GCC countries have relatively low population in comparison with other regions, totaling 45 m people in 2011, less than 1% of the global population (see table). Accordung to the Markaz research GCC Demographic Shift 2012, the region is young with 54% under the age of 25, though this is expected to rise to about 36 by 2050.


Population 2011

Population 2050













Saudi Arabia



United Arab Emirates



GCC Total



For comparison, Ukraine population is 45,7 m in 2011 (according to Trading Economics), with the significant decline and aging by 2050.

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Ecological Footprint is the measure of land and sea area required to produce the resources we
consume and to deal with the waste we produce. It provides meaningful understanding of the impacts of our lifestyle on our earth and helps us to compare these impacts with others.

The next few screens contains questions related to four areas. Select the answer that is most appropriate in your case to know what is your ecological footprint and to answer the most crucial question of our times.

The EU-GCC Clean Energy Network aims to respond to the common interests of stakeholders,
both in the GCC and the EU, active in the field of clean energy.

This network is the practical instrument for development of concrete cooperation activities on clean
energy, including the related policy and technology aspects, among various players across the EU and GCC countries.

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