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Based in Dubai, UAE, the Gulf Research Center is privately funded, non-partisan think tank, education provider and consultancy specializing in the Gulf region (with six Gulf Cooperation Council countries plus Iran, Iraq and Yemen). Set up in 2000, the Center conducts recognized research on political, social, economic, security and environmental issues from the Gulf perspective, redressing the current imbalance in the Gulf area studies, where regional opinions and interests are underrepresented.

In conjunction with the GRC, KCorp seeks to establish the network of global alliances in different sectors.

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According to the Gulf Research Center, u
p to six expert workshops are planned on key areas of potential cooperation between the EU and the GCC, dealing with topics such as enhancing cooperation in higher education, renewable energy, understanding political transformation in the Middle East and its relevance for EU-GCC relations, establishing foreign policy dialogues and the future of the GCC integration.

Preliminary Schedule:

  • September 2012 First Training Module for GCC Academics (Brussels)
  • 2013 (dates and place to be confirmed) Workshop on EU-GCC Higher Education Cooperation
  • March 3 to 4, 2013 Workshop on Political Transformation (Kuwait)
  • April 28 to 30, 2013 Workshop on Foreign Policy Dialogue (Qatar)
  • September 2013 Second Training Module for GCC Youth (Brussels)
  • 2013 (dates and place to be confirme later) Workshop on GCC integration and the EU experience
  • December 2013 Workshop on Cooperation and Renewable Energies (UAE)

Dr. Mohamed A. Raouf, 7 November, 2010, Gulf Research Center

Growing population and high levels of urbanisation have increased the demand for urban services in the Arabian Gulf region, including solid waste management. Further, owing to acceleration in the pace of industrialisation, the generation of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes and biomedical waste has increased. Waste generation rates are affected by socio-economic development, degree of industrialisation, and climate change. Generally, the greater the economic prosperity and the higher the percentage of urban population, the greater the amount of solid waste produced. Read more

The majority of the GCC population consists of expatriates (see Markaz Report 2012). Based on 2010 data, Credit Suisse has reported Qatar as having 86.5% expatriates, the highest percentage of international migrants in the world. This is followed by 70% and 68.8% in Kuwait and the UAE, respectively.

Expatriates, %
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia

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