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Parliamentary hearings: Ukrainians in the world. Verkhovna Rada
of Ukraine (December 08, 2010). With the participation of Iryna Klyuchkovska.

Category: Diaspora | Views: 514 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2010-12-16

Ukrainians around the world, the map powered by Ukrainian World Congress.

Category: Diaspora | Views: 378 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2010-12-16

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is an international coordinating
body for Ukrainian communities in the diaspora representing
the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians across the world
with member organizations in 32 countries to date.
UWC is founded in 1967.

Category: Diaspora | Views: 508 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2010-12-16

Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America (KMF) seeks funding that will support
the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy's objectives and will foster programs through
other universities and organizations. Alongside its pursuit of individual and
corporate sponsors, KMF is undertaking program funding proposals to U.S. and various international foundations, other institutions interested in the modern Ukraine's initiatives.

Category: Diaspora | Views: 454 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2010-12-15

Ottawa Model Ukraine Conference is powered by the Canada-Ukraine
Parliamentary Program and the Chair of Ukrainian Studies
(November 12-13, 2010, Desmarais Building at the University of Ottawa).

Category: Diaspora | Views: 863 | Added: nickyurchenko | Date: 2010-11-24

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