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Green Awards Ukraine is the contest where the jury is presented by the leading
experts in the field of environmental practices of the European level, public
opinion leaders and representatives of influential international organizations
and institutions. The judges evaluate the projects in two phases selecting the
best one by interactive voting and according to the results of public defense of the projects.       

The purpose of Green Awards Ukraine is to identify the best business and social "green" projects in Ukraine.

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Posted by KyivWeekly, 26 December 2011

The long-awaited annual ecological event, Green Awards Ukraine, honoring the best
green business and social projects in Ukraine took place in Kyiv Golf Center on
December 15. Projects, which successfully passed the first stage of the competition,
Green Trends, were presented to the public during the first half of the day. 44
projects were selected to compete for the title of the best project on the final stage of
the contest, their authors received an opportunity to present their achievements
in person. Over 200 guests, among whom there were contestants, panel of judges and
guests attracted by unparalleled nature of the event, gathered later that night after
the votes were counted. The ceremony was an impressive celebration for the environmentally
aware people. The Green Awards Ukraine 2011 nominees included some of the TOP 100
companies, small and medium busineses that are working on promising green projects in Ukraine.

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Oleh Skrypka has represented the results of the International Contest "Ukraine of My Dream".

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Max Levchin, former citizen of Ukraine, becomes the chairman of Kaggle.

Kaggle is an innovative solution for statistical and analytics
outsourcing. It is the leading platform for predictive modeling competitions.

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